Jammcard Mentors | FAQ
General Questions
Jammcard Mentors is a platform that hosts 1-on-1 live video mentorship sessions with music’s leading professionals.
Once your session is confirmed, both you and your Mentor will receive a confirmation email with booking details and a link to your video chat.
Anyone in the world can book a Mentor! All you need is the internet and a credit card.
To become a Mentor, please apply here. You must be a full time music professional, making your living with music, with at least several years of experience. Additionally, if you are not a Jammcard member yet, please apply to become a member here.
If you’re interested in being a Jammcard Mentor, please let us know here. We’re currently hand selecting each Mentor, so please apply, and we’ll reach out to you when and if the time is right. We go through the new applicants every week.
Yes, anyone can book a session with a Mentor. It doesn’t have to be a music driven or based conversation. Many of our Mentors have knowledge and expertise in business, marketing, branding, start ups, community building, strategy, etc.
No. We built our own video chat for this platform. Just click the link in your confirmation email or in your session’s booking details on the website or app to launch the session. Desktop is always recommended, but you could do it from your smartphone as well.
Yes! We’ve love to hear. Please email us at team@jammcard.com and let us know who you would like to recommend.
Yes! To launch the session from your phone, simply click the session link in your booking confirmation email. You can also find the link in your booking details in your account in Jammcard either on desktop or in the app.
Currently, sessions are either 30 minutes or 60 minutes, depending on what the Mentor offers.
You can message your Mentor in the Jammcard app. Simply click the messenger tab in the bottom menu to message with your Mentor. You can also login to Jammcard Mentors at jammcard.com/mentors to message your Mentor with our messenger.
Please send general feedback or complaints to team@jammcard.com.
Booking a Mentor
Select a Mentor, then click “Book” and available days and times will be displayed. Select the day and time you want to book a session, confirm your booking and you’re all set!
Once your session is confirmed, both you and your Mentor will receive a confirmation email with booking details and a link to your video chat.
If the Mentor doesn’t have available time slots listed, you can join their waitlist and you’ll be amongst the first notified when they open time slots.
If a Mentor doesn’t have available sessions, you can join their waitlist. Once they add new time slots, we’ll immediately send you an email so you can book a session. A link to book the Mentor will be included in the email.
On the Mentor’s profile you will see the “Join Waitlist” button. Click the button and enter your email address. Your email will be added to the Mentor’s waitlist, and you’ll be notified when they open time slots.
Payments and Refunds
Jammcard Mentors uses Stripe for payments and payouts. You can use a credit or debit card at checkout. When you book the session, Stripe will place a hold on your card. After your session is completed, the payment is automatically sent to the Mentor. You can find more info about Stripe here.
Oh no! E-mail us at team@jammcard.com, and we’ll take care of you immediately.
E-mail us at team@jammcard.com, and include your reason for requesting a refund.
If you miss a session, email us at team@jammcard.com for further assistance.
Mentors set their own pricing which is displayed at the top of their profile. Our service fee of 10% is then added additionally to their price(s).
Absolutely! If your Mentor has additional slots open, you can book another session right away. If your Mentor doesn’t have open times slots, you can message them requesting for them to add more, and/or rejoin their waitlist.